Thoughtful Threads

Ready to refresh your closet and your spirit? 

MMC presents Thoughtful Threads, hosted by fashionista Nyrumbwa Cuffeld which is your opportunity to do just that. But instead of throwing your threads into the Goodwill limbo, let's get thrifty, fabulous, and sustainable with this new twist on a clothing swap.

January 21, 2024


Ticket Price $15

More than a Clothing Swap

Closet Detox: Dust off those forgotten gems, say "buh-bye" to the clothes that ain't serving you, and allow them to bring joy to the next one. 

Less fast fashion, More fashion freedom: Reduce your fashion footprint and extend the life cycle of your clothes one swap at a time.

Sustainable Slay: Discover hidden gems, explore new styles, and reinvigorate your wardrobe without breaking the bank.

Community vibes: Mingle with your fellow queens and kings and get ready to swap, strut, and celebrate sustainable style with your Movement Matters fam! And with any MMC Event, there’s going to be light bites and beverages.

Eco-friendly fashion flex: Top the night up with an unforgettable fashion show with you showing off your new planet-friendly ‘fit

Breathe new life into those hidden gems hiding in the back of your closet taking up space and collecting dust. 

Clothing Condition Guidelines


Any clothes that do not find a new home will be recycled with For Days.